A City of Energy and Passion

Junior Team Canada challenges young Canadians to take the road less travelled and be leaders of tomorrow. Members of our team have decided to push themselves to the limit and perform on the world stage. We are all passionate about the work that we are doing and eagerly seeking new challenges. From the slice of Hong Kong that I experienced this is also true for people in this city.

The energy that I experienced in Hong Kong is second to none. This is a city that is constantly on the move and pushing itself to be better than it was yesterday. The passion that businesses and individuals bring to their work is inspiring. The people care about what they do, each other and their city. The emphasis placed on relationships and interconnectivity truly makes this a world class environment.

With such strong parallels between Hong Kong and Canada’s leaders it is no surprise that so many Canadians have chosen to work and live here. I am very confidant that the relationships between us will only continue to grow and become stronger as we both seek challenges and progress together.

Richard Sookraj, Junior Team Canada Ambasssador