From Coast, to Coast, to Coast.

Are you interested in learning more about Canada's final frontier? Are you curious about indigenous culture and history? Do you have a passion for development and advocacy? Then the Arctic Youth Ambassador Caucus is for you! Global Vision is leading a Southern Mission to the North and hosting an Arctic Youth Ambassador Caucus in Iqaluit, NU from March 8th-12th, 2017 that will bring 50 youth leaders together (25 from the North and 25 from the South) to work on finding innovative solutions to some of the pressing challenges the North faces. At the Caucus Ambassadors will:

  • Engage in Roundtables on Northern issues such as Food Security, Health Care, Environment and Education;
  • Meet with the Elders to learn about the rich history of Nunavut;
  • Learn about Northern culture from their peers;
  • Discover the rich culture and sights of Iqaluit as they work in teams to compete in the Amazing Race: Iqaluit;
  • Share unique experiences with new friends from Coast, to Coast, to Coast.

At the end of the Caucus, Ambassadors will return to their communities and share their experiences, newfound knowledge and ideas to further awareness and strengthen North-South dialogue. 

Cost to Attend

$2,750 is required of selected Ambassadors (through a combination of sponsorship and/or personal contributions) to participate in the AYAC. Ambassador’s contributions represent approximately 40% of their overall cost of attending. Global Vision subsidizes the remaining 60% through national and regional partnerships. Selected Ambassadors are provided with a tool kit, training and ongoing support to engage business, government and community to secure sponsorship for the AYAC.

hon. hunter tootoo, mp nunavut is presented with a jtc shirt by gv grad andrea sarkic, 2013

hon. hunter tootoo, mp nunavut is presented with a jtc shirt by gv grad andrea sarkic, 2013

Meet Frank Reardan, JTC grad: Malaysia, 1998

To Apply

To represent your community as an Ambassador at the Arctic Youth Ambassador Caucus, please answer the following questions in a video of 3 minutes or less (include YouTube link). The deadline to apply is February 3rd, 2017. 

  1. Why are you interested in representing your community at the Arctic Youth Ambassador Caucus?

  2. Tell us about your brand- what unique skills, attributes and experiences would you bring to the team?

  3. Personally, what do you hope to get out of the Arctic Youth Ambassador Forum? What issues are you most interested in working on?

  4. How would you use your experience at the Forum to give back/ pay it forward to your community and peers?

  5. What is your roadmap to raise the required $2750 in corporate & community sponsorship to attend? Who will you contact?

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