Heart of the City

Photo by   Megan Schmieder  , Junior Team Canada Ambassador 

Photo by Megan Schmieder, Junior Team Canada Ambassador 

After spending the better part of the day at “The Peak oh Hong Kong”, I sat down and took the time to really reconsider my visit here. The past 5 days speeding between briefings, meetings and presentations had lead me to believe that the main attraction for Hong Kong was its business savvy; the financing, entrepreneurship, and the hundreds of bright and talented people calling Hong Kong home.

But as I slowed down my pace, looked towards the distanced islands, and took a deep breathe in of tropical freshness, I found a temporary Nirvana.

Being caught up in the rush with people who keep Hong Kong going; I never got the chance to experience the essence Hong Kong itself. I never got to see how all the hard work really paid off and truly see why Hong Kong is so successful. Standing at the height of Hong Kong on Victoria Peak, in one sole moment I found complete beauty in the hard work put into creating this beautiful coexistence; the history and natural beauty of the land placed right at the heart of a thriving global city.

When you make your way to Hong Kong one day, don’t forget to take a breath and appreciate it's natural beauty.

Megan Schmieder, Junior Team Canada Ambassador