Reflection 2015

The 5 Step Game-Changer describes the SWOT and the need to re-do it at regular intervals. December is a great month to reflect on your experiences snd the ups and downs one experiences as part of the natural flow of life.

In order to help prepare your self for the upcoming year I urge you to consider the following questions when reflecting on 2015.


1.    What went well? Please note that it is natural to remember best things that did not go well.  But take time to bring back those good times- the positives and the goals you achieved for yourself. How was your year now that you have spent time looking back?


2.    Who needs to be acknowledged?  Everyone has someone to thanks for helping them along the way These peole gave unconditionally to your life experiences in 2015- make them and you feel better by recognizing their support. This is best done in a note or even a telephone call. Make it personal afterall they gave of their person to you.


3.    How did you grow in 2015?  This growth can take many forms- global knowledge, skills, more informed  to name some. You must recognize a ‘better you’ in 2015- syagnation is just not on!


4.    What were the stand out moments for you and why? Now get selective herefrom #1 above. Take your peak momentsthese will reveal your strengths and what you value.  Knowing and championing these strengths / values will lead to more peaks.


5.    What’s not working? Every leader or wannabe leader goes through this. You may have tried some approaches to life or work activities that did not go well or other things that just went bsd for you. Recognize these and set goals accordingly. In your SWOt these can be listed as weaknessesor Threats but do take them into your consideration for goal setting for 2016.


6.    Sum up 2015 by giving it a theme or name. For instance 2015 was the year of-----------.


Looking Ahead 2016

 1.    What are the major challenges you see ahead for 2016?  Will             there be major challenges at school or work and with family and life in general? Use this time to focus ahead in planning preparation.


2.    Who will you connect more with in 2016?  Your ‘Golden Rolodex’ should be put to work to identify people resources you need to call on for support this year. New relationships must be made and developed to meet your goals for work and life. While you are establishing relationshipstake care of your own.Continue to build your self awareness- put time into yourself you are the engine to drive 2016!


3.    What kind of leader, peer, friend, partner or other role do you want to be? Each person has many roles both at work (school) and life.  Evaluate yourself in these respective roles- where do you see yourself improving? Now set your intentions to improve the activities you will follow to specifically improve your role.


4.    What do you want? As in a SWOT you have analysed strengths, weaknesses through your actions and activities of 2015. You  are ready to explore opportunities that you see for 2016. Take eachopportunity and set a goal to achieve it in the coming year.


5.    How will you put this into action?  Be serious and plan the actions and personal commitment you see as necessary to achieve the goal for the opportunity selected.  I plan to achieve this goal _________ in 2016.


6.    What is my mantra for 2016? Choose a word/ phrase/ question for 2016. This will be with you 24/7/365 such that you can ask yourself to test your purpose and intentions for 2016. Big goals, aspirations need short sharp remindersas motivators. Here’s one, “Am I capable of 5 seconds of courage right now? Make yours as compelling.