JTC x APEC 2018: Port Moresby

The APEC Challenge

This year APEC CEO Leaders Summit occurred from November 12-18 in Papua New Guinea. Voices for the Future is the host and organizer for this event.  Global Vision is a partner and has very successfully participated in this program for 15 years.

Essentially JTC delegates represent Canada and join with the youth delegations from each of the other twenty participating economies. The Voices program features cultural as well as business experiences.  Notable among these: to develop relationships with all Voices’ participants, to visit the CEO Leaders program, to interact with the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and to meet the members from Canada.

This event provides the ultimate opportunity for JTC delegates to gain first hand experience and insight to today’s rapidly changing nature of work and the essential requirements to enter and succeed in this workplace. Disruption is the new societal norm and for youth to thrive two types of skills are paramount – digital literacy ( not just coding but effective use and  the learning of new tools of technology) and soft skills (leadership, communication and collaboration). APEC presents the learning environment with the challenge to find business leaders (CEOs) to Invest in Canada. JTC APEC grads have excelled in this challenge.  This in turn provides a unique opportunity for sponsorship – every community needs investment to grow JTC has produced results you can build on their achievements. Connect your community to Direct Foreign Investment (DFI).


JTC x APEC 2017: Danang

JTC x APEC 2016: Lima

Each year the heads of state and government of the 21 member-economies in the Asia Pacific region and some of the world’s largest multi-national corporations gather to discuss trade, foreign direct investment and other issues related to economic and employment growth at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Since its establishment in 1989, APEC has been the premier economic forum for the Asia Pacific region and has focused on supporting sustainable economic growth and prosperity for member-economies.

This year, in the 27th anniversary of its founding, APEC was hosted by the Republic of Peru in Lima from November 11th- 20th, 2016. APEC 2016 included a Heads of State and Government Summit, a Minister’s Summit, a CEO’s Summit as well as a meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). Also included in the Summit was the APEC Voices of the Future program that brought youth leaders from 21 participating member-economies to the Summit to represent their home communities, engage government and business leaders on the pressing economic issues of the day, and support the Summit’s agenda objectives

JTC x APEC 2015: Philippines

For the tenth year in a row, Global Vision was invited to represent Canada at the Voices for the Future program. The Canadian Junior Team Canada-APEC team was selected from a nationwide pool of Junior Team Canada graduates. The five Ambassadors are experienced JTC graduates, highly accomplished in their Global Vision pursuits and recognized community leaders that represent each region of the nation.

JTC worked in collaboration with the Global Affairs Canada with the mandate to promote Canada as an investment destination and dynamic business center. They received training from professionals at Global Affairs- Invest in Canada bureau prior to their departure to make the most of their networking experience at APEC. They were given fourteen business leads to interview with the objective of finding out how these global leaders viewed Canada as a business destination.

With access to ABAC meetings and the CEO Summit, they met with these targets and summarized how multiple top investors see Canada as an economy to invest in. During their stay, JTC members were able to meet with the two Canadian representatives on the ABAC Council.  At the end of the summit JTC met with The Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to share their mission findings. 

Now back home, Global Vision-JTC will continue to encourage the formation of enduring relationships between participants of all sectors at this Summit. The goal is to develop new bridges between economies through the networks of their emerging leaders. Sustainable international partnerships are built on relationships that allow key players at all levels to feel the pulse of their partners’ economies.  

A Special Thank You to our APEC Sponsors!

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