Hong Kong's Pride

Hong Kong has been an inspiring experience to say the least.

As I stepped off the plane, the first thing I realized was the heat, humidity, and dense population. But as I learned more about the city through our briefings with leaders from organizations such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Hong Kong Trade and Development Council, I began to notice something else about this place.

While the speakers were all very eager to teach us about the economic policies and structure of Hong Kong, it was clear that they were all very proud of their city. Whether or not they were born in Hong Kong, each person was proud to represent the city and excited to do their part to promote it. It wasn’t for personal gain that they taught us, but rather for the future of Hong Kong, and the strong connection between Hong Kong and Canada.

It was evident that they truly loved their city, and were passionate about further empowering it through trade as it adapted to the changing economic and political landscape. If all of Hong Kong's leaders are anything like the ones that we have met in the past few days, Hong Kong will undoubtedly continue to be a global leader for generations to come. It’s sad to think that we must leave this place in only a few days, but I’m sure that many of us will return.

by Jacob Read, Junior Team Canada Ambassador // Melville, Saskatchewan