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Junior Team Canada NYAC 2019

Ottawa, Ontario
May 31-June 3, 2019

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Global Vision is about to embark on a tour across Canada for our 2018/19 Regional Round Tables Series. Our Round Tables provide youth with the unique opportunity to engage with leaders in their communities and to tackle local challenges while gaining the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to set themselves apart and to excel in the global economy.


Global Vision's Junior Team Canada is currently preparing for the upcoming JTC Mission to China 2018.. Click to find out more. Junior Team Canada Ambassadors have served to develop Canada's trade & development ties in more than 30 countries for 25 years, connecting Canadian communities from coast to coast.



Global Vision recently lead a delegation of experienced JTC Ambassadors to join the Prime Minister in Vietnam for the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Select Junior Team Canada Ambassadors are given the opportunity to accompany the official Canadian delegation to the APEC, G8, and G20 Summits, engaging with world leaders and top CEOs on geopolitical issues, trade & investment opportunities. .

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