National Youth Ambassador Caucus 2019
Ottawa, ON // May 31st - June 3rd, 2019

Global Vision is looking for one hundred of Canada’s top young leaders for the National Youth Ambassador Caucus (NYAC) in Ottawa from May 31st to June 3rd, 2019. Throughout the Caucus,  Ambassadors will have the chance to grow as leaders, and develop skill sets necessary to succeed in today’s global economy. The NYAC presents a highly dynamic experience for like-minded young leaders to learn more about Canada beyond their backyard, to develop your leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and to open up the dialogue on  issues of national importance with leading business, government and community leaders.

Caucus Highlights: 

  • JTC Five Step Game Changer program, presented by Global Vision founder Terry Clifford; 

  • Speakers Series featuring leading businesses, community figures, and Global Vision Alumni;

  • Work with your teammates to tackle global challenges and develop your own innovative strategies to address them.

  • Parliamentary reception at Parliament Hill where Ambassadors will network with their Members of Parliament and other government leaders;

  • Explore Ottawa: #AmazingRace2019 ;

  • Immerse yourself into a national network of like-minded peers and exceptional leaders who will become your friends for life!

How to Apply

To apply, answer the following questions in a 3 -minute video, or in short paragraphs, or any other medium of your choice. Be creative, and be sure to express what is unique to you.The best submissions will be featured on our social media!

  • What’s YOUR unique personal brand? Tell us about what makes you unique. What attributes/skills will you bring to the team?

  • Why do you want to represent your region as an NYAC Ambassador?

  • Please choose ONE of the following global challenges: 

    I. Mental Health 

    II. Climate Change 

    III. Food Security

    IV. Fair Trade 

    V. Gender Equity

    VI. Indigenous Reconciliation 

  • Please provide innovative ideas on how you would address that global challenge. Your plan can include a corporate, community, government initiative, program, business idea, or policy directed at addressing the issue.

Organizations looking to nominate applicants or groups of applicants
should contact our team to learn more about bringing a delegation to the NYAC. Email us today at



Is there a cost to attendance?

If you're selected, you'll be asked to pay your subsidized participation fee based on your region. The cost will be $150 for participants in the Ottawa Region, $250 for participants in Ontario and Quebec, $450 for East Coasters, and $600 for the West Coast and the Praries.

What does the fee include?

This fee includes travel to/from Ottawa, food, accomodations, and your participation in the caucus.

How old do I have to be?

Usually are participants are ages 16-30, but we believe talent has no age! If you’re interested in making a difference and connecting with brilliant people across the country, don’t hesitate to apply!