Acting – a career choice?

Series 1 | Part 3

Some of you have tried this in school shows or in community theatre, others have imagined or dreamed of what it would be like to be an actor in real life. Now is everyone’s chance – JTC China will hit the world stage July 30th in Chongqing. You certainly have been getting ready for such a role. Countless telephone interviews, speeches, emails, Face to Face meetings etc. have sharpened your skills and steadied your resolve. Now the curtain call approaches for a 2 week run of the much anticipated JTC Trade Mission, ‘Le Tour de Chin’.

You will be on stage – the streets of business, commerce, and culture of China to meet people there that matter. You will assume and live in the role as a trade ambassador for Canada. Each day will present yet another performance - you and your teammates are the stars and each performance lasts the day.  Each day brings you; many people to meet, to listen and talk with, many different venues demanding constant immersion in a very old but new culture, all so different than are own. The next and ensuing days are like day one in which you must constantly stay in the role and see what each day brings and how much you can do to meet and deliver; both your, your sponsors and Global Vision’s expectations.

I suggest you review your global mindset and use the tools you picked up from Step 2 of the 5-Step Game Changer – diversity & being innovative. Step 5 offers advice to develop your own story and how important etiquette becomes when you are working – yes I said working because in this role as a trade ambassador it is a 24/7 commitment.