Friends Indeed Fill the Need

Terry Clifford - Founder of Global Vision

People have friends in their home communities but what happens when they are in need away from home?  Far away like JTC finds itself this week in Peru?

How would you build a program that involves people representing a wide reach of community life in Lima, the capital city? Where to start? Global Vision was able to call on its Golden Rolodex for Peru. Yes, the Jorge Manzuelos you met who is now a lawyer in the city was introduced to GV and JTC 11 years ago. Over the years, through countless emails, telephone calls and meetings around the globe, a very ‘sticky' relationship has been built. He answered the call of a man in need (me!) and brought his friends to create the Amazing Race of Lima and open the doors of their capital city.

How is your global reach? Build relationships that connect you for a lede-time to the four corners of the globe. Start your global Golden Rolodex today!

Now, do you see the effect that this program has on JTC Ambassadors?