Year 25

JTC Peru 2015 embarking on their journey to Peru on Wednesday, February 11th.

JTC Peru 2015 embarking on their journey to Peru on Wednesday, February 11th.

A generation of enterprising minds untrammelled by preconceptions nor blunted by cynicism or swayed by political rhetoric inspired hundreds of Canadian youth to have experienced Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada (JTC) program. JTC grads' successful efforts recognized both at home and abroad to promote Canadian culture and industry in 40 countries have established a global footprint for Global Vision. These next global leaders have staked their claim as Canada’s secret weapon -  a competitive advantage in the very crowded competitive global marketplace.  These graduates have found their place in Canada and beyond to all four corners of the world. They are  interconnected globally, embrace their diversity and believe every day that ‘all of us is better than any one of us’. A very potent force for Canada.

What up now? Sharing the Weapon ( Peace not War)

Such minds from high schools and universities and the world of work are building on this fabled past. Today the next generation JTC participants are launching their mission to Peru. They will build from their predecessors to invite their peers from Peru to study in Canada.  Building similar teams in foreign countries will enable the formation of a new order governance / business networks. These young global citizens will be truly connected - creating “sticky” relationships for they global Golden Rolodexes - in GV terms.  Such networks will empower alliances to be established for future development of business, government and people relationships with increasingly blurred boundaries and borders globally.

To the next generation Trail Blazers- take your direction from Captain Picard of Star Trek

‘Lets see what is out there…Engage!'