Global Vision Announces Junior Team Canada APEC 2011

Global Vision is pleased to announce the team selected to Represent Canada at the APEC Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii. From November 6th-13th, Connor Lyons, Samantha Phelan, and Adam Dewar will represent Canada at the APEC Summit in Honolulu.  The team will be all business dressed to impress - forgoing surf lessons - in favour of winning key business and government contacts to help Brand Canada on the World Stage.  All three have prior experience with Global Vision trade missions, and having demonstrated an aptitude for representing their sponsors were selected to take on this challenge.

The team has large shoes to fill.  Past teams have very successfully built contacts, and created a presence for Canada at the APEC Summits.  Through meetings with a variety of business, government, and global community leaders they were able to successfully increase Canada's profile and brand awareness through APEC.  This year will be no different, though the destination is known as a place of relaxation - the current Global climate means APEC 2011 will be one of the most pivotal Summits to occur in a number of years.

Connor Lyons (seated centre right) is a 3rd year student at The University of Western Ontario's Richard Ivey School of Business in London, ON.   He most recently represented Canada on a Junior Team Canada Trade Mission to Indonesia and Malaysia. Most recently, Connor has worked to connect Canadian youth to their elected representatives and community business leaders through the Global Vision Riding Ambassador Program. He also spent a semester studying Law and Politics at Trinity College, University of Dublin, and has a keen interest in both international relations and public policy.

Samantha Phelan (seated centre left) is a 5th yearBachelor of Commerce Student at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's.  She most recently represented Canada on Junior Team Canada to Malaysia and Indonesia. Samantha began with Global Vision at the Pan-Atlantic Youth Forum back in November of 2010 and has since created a branding toolkit for Newfoundland & Labrador, created presentations for the Prime Minister's challenge to "Know Canada Better", and attended the National Youth Caucus in Ottawa this past June. At this year's APEC Summit she hopes to actively participate in conversations that can improve international trade between Canada and the other 20 member economies. Post graduation she hopes to pursue a law degree.

Adam Dewar (seated left) is an Economics Student at Carleton University in Ottawa.  He is originally from Nova Scotia and first Represented Canada on a Junior Team Canada Trade Mission to China in 2006.

Global Vision was founded by President Terrence (Terry) Clifford, C.M as a Member of Parliament (London Middlesex) in 1991. To date, the various programs have trained well over 25,000 young canadians and many foreign youth in 5 countries. Our flagship program,Junior Team Canada (JTC) has travelled with trade/investment/development missions to 6 continents  and more than 30 countries, including: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Germany, France, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Peru, Panama, the Philippines, Russia,  Taiwan, Trinidad, Thailand,  United States of America and Vietnam.