Hi, my name is Evan Paradis and I am from Melville, Saskatchewan. I finished high school this year and am going to the University of Regina to study engineering. One of my goals on this trade mission is to help find a company to export recycled plastic products to be re-used rather then ending up in landfills. As well as gather technological ideas related to the recycling of plastic products.

This Mission has been a great experience to not only learn more about the world we live in, but also more about ourselves. Our interests, our goals, our fears, our potential; All of these are shown day in and day out. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially when you have to do a presentation in front of a group of important people.

Afterwards though you can feel yourself being more confident after doing something which scares you. Global Vision as a program that has provided me more confidence in myself and I will never take that for granted. Unfortunately the mission is already over halfway done, and with only one more stop after Singapore, hopefully the rest of the Mission will be as eventful as the first half.

Evan Paradis, Junior Team Canada Ambassador