Thoughts on My Development on the Global Vision Mission

One of the JTC grads from my school that went on mission to Panama and Columbia last year told me something before I went on mission.

"Be yourself, and don't hold anything back."

Simple words...I know, but she is exactly right! When you are put in a position where you are unsure or not confident, you have to represent yourself in the best way possible, even if you are uncomfortable about what is going on in that moment. It's about setting a personal image for yourself so that you will be remembered in a positive way that will make you proud of what you have accomplished.

Coming right from grade twelve I have a lot to learn, and I have a huge amount of potential to grow into a different person. Thus far I have to learnt how to network, and that is essential to selling yourself and the company that you represent. They are relying on you, and you have gained their trust, because they believe in your ability to sell them,and yourself.

I have learned to see things in a different perspective. You have to look beyond what it something may appear to be. The places I have seen in these past two weeks have developed immensely in the past 10 years, and that doesn't happen overnight. For example, Singapore is by far the cleanest place that I have had the chance to see. The people of Singapore want to showcase the simplicity and beauty of the city, because they have worked hard to make Singapore what it is today.

Most importantly I learned how to believe in myself, and not try to worry about what other people think. Sweaty palms and shaking hands used to be normal when I got the chance to public speak. Now I am able to push through, and think positively so that I can put out the image that I would want to see in other people. Even though all of those points are proof of what I did accomplish, I still have plenty of room to keep improving in order to be the next that I can be.

Now six months ago when I attended the Western Global Leadership Conference in Winnipeg, I would have never expected that I would be in Singapore writing a blog post as a Junior Team Canada Ambassador, but here I am! At seventeen years old I am representing businesses and companies back in Saskatchewan on the global stage, and that would not have been possible if I never pushed myself. I went from being a shy, quiet teenage girl, to a young professional, and that is something I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Laura Weinbender, Junior Team Canada Ambassador