Singapore's Culture!

Singapore is extraordinarily diverse. Fifteen percent of Singapore's population is Muslim. It's citizens are also Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu. With all of Singapore's diversity it is also home to a wide variety of languages. Singaporeans do not only speak Mandarin and Cantonese, they also speak English, Malay, and Tamil. Compared to home in Canora Saskatchewan where I have only been exposed to one language. Singapore also has a unique heritage, arts, and culture scene. Singapore hosts a lot of festivals, including; art, film and writing festivals. These are only a few of the cultural activities available to Singapore's residents.

Singapore is also home to a world leading gastronomy scene. To really experience Singapore's diversity, one may visit different parts of Singapore. In Chinatown, you can enjoy traditional, authentic Chinese food. By walking down the street to Little India you get the authentic Indian experience. It is possible to mentally transport oneself from India to China by walking down the street.

What amazes me most is that Singapore has so many different cultures and aspects of living in a single island state.  Singapore’s variety of culture reminds me a lot of Canada’s cultural diversity, as a common feature is something which allows Singaporeans and Canadians a gateway into each others lives, cultures, and realities.