Governor General Michaëlle Jean addresses youth at MY SUMMIT 2010

Her Excellence the Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean spoke to youth at MY SUMMIT 2010 late thos afternoon. She told the young leaders of the G8 about their "willingness to move from words to actions ... All of which constitute a lesson for world leaders." "Take the risk to meet with and listen to young people on their own terms." She urged the leaders of the G8 speaking further to say that youth deserve to be heard. This passionate speech and the discussion which followed inspired the youth delegates from all countries. She went on to encourage the youth to strive to achieve as much as possible to make a difference.

The Vice Regal encouraged youth not to allow frustration to lead to apathy, "With indifference comes cynicism and apathy." Going on to ask the youth about the solutions they proposed to the G8 summit topics.