The Instigation of a YouthfuL, Peaceful Revolution

It is, perhaps, the concept of the future that is the most awe-inspiring to we, the Youth Ambassadors. Norman Inkster delivered a speech fraught with statements both raw and honest, rendering philosophies used in current politics as archaic and outdated. Inkster stated, “Guys like me have had our crack at it […] we’ve probably made more mistakes than successes”, which truly personifies the nature of politics: that politics is, in its most raw form, a process of educated trial and error. It is the democratic process of decision-making, yet there is are no pre-diagnosed or understood ideas. We, the youth of tomorrow, are perceptive to the idea that we will, indeed make mistakes similar to those who came before us; yet we are committed to pursuing a global initiative that unites each country, regardless of ethnic, religious, philosophical or political discrepancies.Canada, the uniting force within the My Summit 2010 program, is, in Inkster’s eloquently stated words, “[…] A solution that is in constant search of a problem. We have a wonderful country, we get along well together and it is a country in many respects to be envied.” We are, quite simply, a mediator throughout our developing world. It reigns as a reminder to nations that sway in their determinate paths on the less travelled road that peace is an inevitable consequence of precise, democratic decisions fuelled by a well-educated society. The countries united in beautiful Muskoka are represented by the “cream of the crop”: the most educated, determined and insightful students from across the globe. Yet, as we merge our perspectives and consolidate our values as a united force, it becomes quite apparent what the problems truly are, and it pushes the politicians of tomorrow, to begin an ideological and technological revolution that will propel our nations into conceptual atmospheres futuristic in their mentality.

Written by Aila Morin