Day 5: Singaporean Send-Off

Passion. If all of our encounters with the local Singaporeans were summed up in one word, it would be passion. In the bustling streets of Singapore, seldom was the person who commuted without purpose and excitement. Each of the speakers at our meetings spoke with such spirit, and taught us about the local industries with a feverous enthusiasm.

Our time in Singapore was concluded with the most satisfying climax – a formal meeting with our good friend Mr. James Soh, who was kind enough to accommodate us to many of our previous events. In his company, Mr. Soh kept us entertained with his wit, insights on local culture, and personal anecdotes. As charming as he was, there was one question in the back our minds throughout the week: what type of work does he do? After letting this query build in suspense, Mr. Soh finally met with us this morning to enlighten us about his work with Singapore’s National Youth Achievement Award. After a lovely presentation, we held a roundtable discussion to inform Mr. Sohabout our perceptions of Singapore. This conversation consisted of comments on Singapore’s adaptive education system, hospitable population, and lively infrastructure. 

After a heavy hearted farewell with Mr. Soh and his associates, we returned to the Albert Court Hotel to prepare for our next grand adventure in Malaysia. Some of us took one last twirl around the city’s food courts and souvenir markets, reminiscing about all the new friends, flavours, and sceneries we’ve enjoyed in the past five days – memories of which are enough to last multiple lifetimes. At approximately 2:30 pm, we loaded onto the bus and kissed the city we’ve grown to love so much a gentle good bye. Following a pleasant ride through the Malay Peninsula, we arrived at the Regency Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking forwards to a week as bright as the KL Skyline!