DAY 4: The Golden City

The sun rises yet again on the garden city we call Singapore. On day four of our time in Singapore, Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada Ambassadors partook in a day of informative and meaningful business meetings to promote Canadian industries abroad. 

Starting the day off with some hands on learning, we first had a meeting with Amobee, a prominent advertising group, where we had the pleasure of learning about the intricacies of data analysis in promotional materials. We also had the chance to ask questions to a panel of amobee employees who were part of the advertising firm. The panelists explained their career paths and some of the lessons they learned along the way. The meeting was impactful and left the ambassadors with a greater understanding of the digital landscape in Southeast Asia, and how to effectively promote their brands.

After that meeting, Junior Team Canada’s ambassadors visited with Tobias Berger, a former Google employee who shared his career and life plans with the ambassadors. He helped them get a better understanding of the digital landscape and even linked-in marketing. This all assisted the ambassadors in forging their own paths in being able to effectively represent the Canadian companies in singapore.

 The third leg of the day, we met with Singaporean Ministry of education representatives where we discussed the structure of singapore’s education system, and some of the ways Singapore is leveraging digital to create more experiential and hands on learning for its students. This was eye opening for the ambassadors, and exposed some of the tangible implications of technology, and how increasing partnerships in certain sectors could ensure better integration of technology. 

Overall this day was a chance to explore our industries a little deeper and get a better appreciation for all that the strong relationship with singapore has to offer. Until day five Garden City.