24 Years Later, Jennifer Moffitt Remains Just as Passionate

Jennifer (Cleversey) Moffitt is a Vice-Chair of the Worker's Compensation Appeals Tribunal in New Brunswick and a member of the Canadian Social Security Tribunal's Appeal Division. She holds a Bachelor's in Political Science, an MBA, and a law degree. She was probably the inspiration for Suits, too.

1994 was an eventful year: NAFTA was signed, China got its first internet connection, and, most importantly, Jennifer began her GV journey at a Round Table in Nova Scotia. At the age of 16, Jennifer represented the Nova Scotia Department of Environment on the Trade Mission to Taiwan and Hong Kong. While in Taiwan, she identified the shortcomings of their waste water treatment system and facilitated a technology transfer between Nova Scotia and the local government.

We had the privilege of chatting with Jennifer to learn more about her GV journey.

What was your experience with Global Vision?


Jennifer explained that Global Vision has played an instrumental role in her career. Through GV, she developed a better understanding of the people around her. "A lot of my work is decision making," she said, "my experience [through GV] has allowed me to see the world with humility and sensitivity to what other people are going through and their perspective".

Do you have any advice for recent GV Graduates?


Jennifer affirmed "be adventurous, in all parts of life! Don't say no to trying new things such as a university course, travel, or a career that wasn't contemplated at the beginning of your journey. Life offers you opportunities – don’t dismiss something just because it wasn’t on the initial plan." Reflecting on her own education and career path, she revealed "life throws you things; there is cool stuff out there!"

As a final remark, Jennifer reminded GV grads of the importance of giving back. “Some of the most rewarding work can come from volunteering and giving back to organizations and people that inspire you.”

Thank you for leading by example, Jennifer!