Jayson Mtanos | Laval, QC

I’m currently studying Health Science at the College de Maisonneuve in Montreal. I’m an active member in my school association and many programs around the country promoting science, innovation and leadership. I founded the BOOM Scientifique, a science organization, to promote STEM and leadership.  
I strongly believe in the success of ‘’Boots to the ground’’ experiences and I hope to support and help student all across Canada to get the opportunity to live meaningful and life experiences through Global Vision’s programs and missions.
In the last few years, I had the opportunity to represent my province in many events, conferences and competitions. I want to support young people with motivation, passion, leadership and communication. Since the beginning, my motivation to make our world a better place is growing every day. I firmly believe that Global Vision’s programs are one of the ways to support young leaders to make a difference in their communities, in our Canada and our world.