Following the Prime Minister's mission to China in November 2014, thirty-five Junior Team Canada Ambassadors will travel to the economically booming Chinese cities of Chongqing, Chengdu and Guangzhou from July 29th- August 13th, 2015 to support the government's Global Markets Action Plan by promoting Canadian businesses, educational institutions and other organizations in the world's largest economy. 

The team of thirty-five were selected from a national competition with hundreds of eligible candidates who participated in the national recruitment and outreach campaign. Ambassadors were selected based on their ability to lead, work in a team, their communication skills, and most importantly for their commitment to their communities and country. 

Each Ambassador is responsible for partnering with businesses, educational institutions and organizations in their communities to raise $5, 500 in sponsorship for the team which represents approximately half of their total cost of participating. Global Vision funds the remaining half through national and regional partnerships.

Working with the Embassy of Canada and the Canada-China Business Council, Global Vision coordinates opportunities for JTC to engage Chinese industry, government, education and youth leaders in order to obtain market intelligence and key contacts for our Canadian partners. 

During the Mission, JTC will focus on commercial opportunities for Canadian enterprises in economic sectors with particular growth potential in the Chinese marketplace such as agriculture, bio-tech, clean-tech, education, engineering, information communications technology, manufacturing, mining, natural resources, and tourism. 

Upon our return, JTC will produce market sector and tailored reports for our partners which will include a summary of the Mission, market intelligence gathered, opportunities identified and key contacts made. 

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JTC China 2015 Ambassadors


Benjamin Palmer             Sana Khan                          Corinna Ha
Aanikh Kler                 Catherine Laquerre            Nitish Ddang
Ian Yip                         Wendy Wei                         Howard Wu
Phillip Swallow            Fred Ninh                           Amy Wang
Jasmine Wang            Max Bai                              Alexis Wagner
Nadeem Kilani            Martin Nickel                     Jared Henry
Leah Boyer                 Shivam Dubey                   Tony Ma
Monique Sereneo      Moustafa Ezz                     Monica Xu                                  Kevin Cheng              Nicole Zhao                      Samuel Dubuc                              Harrison Hart             Mary Gao                          Melody Huang                            John Kwon                 Charles-Hugo Gagné       Michel Kingma-Lord                         Scott Rairdan             Talal Khan                         Ibrahim Fayyaz  
Charlie Violin             Andrea Sarkic                   Harii Mahesh   
Daichi Ishikawa


Thank You to Our Partners for Your Support of Junior Team Canada 2015!