Diving into Education, with Fudan University

August 7, 2017

Aekus Bhathal

With almost a third of the Ambassadors representing the Education on this Trade Mission, it was beyond necessary for us to organize a meeting with local education institutions. I reached out to the Chairman of the Fudan University Alumni Association, based in Chengdu, and was able to arrange a meeting the next day.

I was not expecting an exceptional turnout, but the Chairman alone convinced over 15 alumni and current students of Fudan University to meet with Global Vision. On top of that, there were about 15 local students, all participants of the Future Links program, the official partner of Global Vision on this mission in Chengdu, led by Mr. Tony Chen. Moreover, our Global Vision delegation showed great collectiveness and 20 of our Ambassadors showed up to this meeting, all eager to learn about Fudan University, widely considered as one of the most prestigious universities in China.

The meeting started at 9:15 PM, with the host, myself, greeting the guests and introducing Global Vision’s brand and mission. I then followed by introducing the Board of Governors of the Fudan University Alumni Association and asked their Undersecretary, Mr. Sean Yang to give further insight about Fudan University. I then introduced the 9 guest speakers of the night. These Young Ambassadors all represented their respective universities – McGill, Carleton, Ottawa, McMaster, just to name a few. They did not get to give a formal speech and were assigned a specific part of the room, so that participants of Future Links and guests from Fudan University could come to them and ask them any questions regarding university applications.

Fudan University expressed their strong contentment of the meeting and claimed that they look forward to establishing partnerships with Global Vision in the future. Some of their Board members are currently working in Educational businesses and they see Global Vision as an unique opportunity to foster their mission.

            We believe that it is safe to say that such an event was extremely well received and that Global Vision should try to establish strong ties with Fudan University. It may be a small step for us, Ambassadors, to reach out to people hoping to broaden Global Vision’s circle of contacts, but it is also surely a step towards establishing strong ties between China and Canada.


Sky Shi,

U2 McGill University Student