Terry & amy ( Director of Global vision) 

Terry & amy ( Director of Global vision) 

A graduate of the Universities of; Guelph, Toronto and Cornell, Terry was an educator and school principal by career. Throughout more than 25 years in education, Mr. Clifford has taught elementary, secondary and university levels. He innovated several programs, authored a mathematics text series and has accepted Provincial awards for outstanding community leadership both as a teacher and Principal.

Following his career in education, Mr. Clifford served near 10 years in public service as a Member of Parliament. He represented the Ontario riding of London—Middlesex where he was first elected in the 1984 federal election then re-elected in 1988, serving in the 33rd and 34th Canadian Parliaments.

Mr. Clifford chaired Caucus and Standing Committees with both national and international responsibilities, where the key areas of his work were energy / environment, employment, free trade, transport, and European Parliamentary relations. He has been recognized for his success in forging powerful cross partnerships and for his global initiatives in science, technology, business and education.

While still in office in 1991, Mr. Clifford founded the national non-profit organization, Global Vision. Global Vision engages youth through hands-on experiences in international trade and community leadership to produce top global leaders that build the future of Canada. The youth of Global Vision promotes Canadian culture and industry to the world through international trade missions, and special assignments including APEC, G8, and G20 Summits.

To date, Global Vision has supported the work of 5 Prime Ministers, trained over 30,000 youth, and has represented Canada’s interests in 30 countries on 6 continents. Mr. Clifford became a Member of the Order of Canada in 2004, in recognition for his efforts with Global Vision.