A Promise Kept

Junior Team Canada to China 2016

International trade is suddenly forefront on Canadian minds. Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to China brings a new call for trade and cooperation between countries. Global Vision is ready to facilitate trade as it has been leading trade missions to countries for twenty-six years and counting.  These missions feature enterprising youth as Junior Team Canada (JTC) trade ambassadors who gain mandates from business interests in their communities and promote those interest abroad.
The key to their success is a ‘a promise made is a promise kept.’  Business leaders lend their support to a trade mission knowing they will get value. The ambassadors develop and implement a strategy to follow on mission to achieve the mandate receive, "A Promise Kept" which follows describes this initiative which is then reinforced with a follow-up doc. The JTC Trade Mission Report.
Youth trade ambassadors use their ‘edge’ to give Canada a competitive advantage in global trade.  Many doors for trade were opened by JTC ambassadors in China. Do you want to involved?  Please contact; action@globalvision.ca

All proceeds from book sales are directed to support ongoing global vision programs