JTC China 2017

JTC China 2015 Official Mission Video

In July- August 2017, Juniour Team Canada travelled to the bustling cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Hong Kong to explore bilateral trade and relations between Canada and China, While on the ground, they helped forge and grow new and exciting opportunities or leading Canadian businesses, and for local business across the country. They also got to experience Chinese culture, meet with many locals, and participated in a partnership with Chinese Youth in Chengu, China in partnership with a sister organization, FutureLink. Moreover, the students experiences the hustling lifestyle of Chinese business, and the pressure and professionalism of deal making and negotiation, all while buidling lifelong friendships and developing their leadership skills. To learn more about the daily adventures of JTC ambassadors, check out our blog here.

Junior Team canada 2015 with CONsul general of canada to Chongqing, Philippe rheault at OUR RECEPTION IN CHONGQING ON JULY 30, 2015

Junior Team canada 2015 with CONsul general of canada to Chongqing, Philippe rheault at OUR RECEPTION IN CHONGQING ON JULY 30, 2015

Upcoming Missions

JTC Mission to Mexico 2018
February 14th-24th, 2018   

Global Vision has been on the ground promoting the value of a Canada-Mexico free trade deal since the beginning of NAFTA in in 1993. Junior Team Canada (JTC) visited Mexican  and U.S.A. business and government policy makers in California, Texas, Monterrey, and Mexico City.  JTC has returned to Mexico on several trade missions  in various states featuring many trade sectors. But what is the need for NAFTA  today? Is Canada  a wanted partner?

This February 14-24, 2018 the JTC Trade Ambassadors will put boots on the ground in several centres to gauge what NAFTA effects for Mexicans and where Mexico -Canada trade relations can lead going forward in these turbulent times. Global Vision will provide the opportunity for the JTC Ambassadors to meet various companies, organizations, and community groups to learn their position on the present trade system and their ideas for on-going trade relationship with Canada. 

The Ambassadors with their trade mandates from their communities will strive to make connections, gain market intelligence to share as well as build cultural relationships with communities.

 We will focus on economic sectors with particular growth potential in the Mexican marketplace such as aerospace, agriculture, education, environmental technology, ICT, mining and natural resources.

Following the mission, JTC  2018 Ambassadors will form a national network and give back by furthering their knowledge in their communities and engaging more Canadian youth in opportunities through Global Vision. 

If you want the experience of a lifetime representing Canada as a JTC Ambassador in Mexico then send us your application today!

Are you Motivated? Globally Ambitious? Ready to Learn?

You could be our next Junior Team Canada Ambassador, travelling abroad to promote Canadian industry and culture to the world!

As the world economy becomes increasingly competitive, its imperative that Canadian businesses and organizations have access to talented youth willing and able to navigate the complex global marketplace. JTC Missions offer hands-on international opportunities to build the skills & knowledge necessary to develop as a global leader.

As a JTC Ambassador, you can expect a whirlwind 'boots on the ground' experience representing your community and country abroad. You will:

  • hone your personal brand and presentation skills as you establish private and public sector partnerships
  • grow your global mindset as you identify bilateral opportunities while learning the customs and etiquette of a foreign country
  • network in a variety of settings, building relationships for a global 'Golden Rolodex'
  • meet and work with graduates and the Global Vision Friends network

You'll not only get the unique opportunity to build trade and development ties, but also experience the culture, history and cuisine of foreign countries with a team of like-minded Canadian youth leaders that will become friends for life.

To date, Junior Team Canada has travelled to more than 30 countries including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, France, Honduras, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Peru, Panama, the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Trinidad, Thailand, the United States of America and Vietnam

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