Meet Our APEC 2019 Delegation


Davin Liu

Davin Liu is a student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, studying finance and business analytics. An entrepreneur, Davin is passionate about innovating at the intersection of business and technology to incite positive change in the world.

He is the CEO of Atticus Media, a technology startup focusing on applying AI and natural language processing to curate and refine news articles for millennials. The company has secured $50,000 of seed funding and onboarded advisors from companies like Google. Davin was the CEO of Vocann Digital, a brand consultancy agency that has worked with companies such as Fotor and Operation Smile. Additionally, he has interned as an analyst at Canaccord Genuity for two years, where he focused on private placements and potential IPOs.

In the community, Davin was the Chair of Illuminate Vancouver - the largest student-run conference in western Canada - overseeing its joint acquisition by Ivey Business School and Deloitte Canada. He is an event organizer at his local community centre and has been sponsoring children through World Vision and the Canadian Red Cross since 2010.

Davin was a delegate on the 2017 Global Vision Junior Team Canada Trade Mission to China. On the mission, he represented Canada's financial sector while discussing bilateral partnerships and foreign investment with top government and industry leaders. Davin is thrilled lead the Junior Team Canada APEC 2018 mission to Papua New Guinea and is ecstatic to work with local and international stakeholders to make it unforgettable.


Gigi Huang

Gigi Huang is a passionate youth with a vision of embracing multiculturalism and equality in Canada. She studies Biomedical Science at the University of Ottawa. She enjoys giving back and being involved in her community, where she is a member of the Youth Ottawa’s Youth Advisory Committee, DILA Facilitator, Queensway Carleton Hospital volunteer, Let’s Talk Science volunteer, and Sunday School teacher. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur, who started Gigi’s Pastry when she was 17 years old. She hopes to inspire more youths to be more involved and create positive impacts in the City of Ottawa while becoming a pediatric dentist who can bake!


Hajar Abdessamie

Hajar Abdessamie is a first-year student in Commerce at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS. She was born in Morocco and raised in Sherbrooke, QC and Fredericton, NB. Hajar loves to be involved in her community, and is a member of her Member of Parliament’s youth council, her Mayor’s Youth Action Team, and her student council. She also volunteers with Amnesty International by working as the Young Regional Consultant for eastern Canada for the Amnesty International Canada Consultation Team.

She is very passionate about human rights, the business world, and international relations. Last Summer, she was part of the Junior Team Canada during this year’s Global Vision’s Trade Mission to China and was part of this year’s NYAC. Hajar is very excited to take on the APEC Summit 2018 with the JTC and proudly representing her community.


Mariam Ragab

Mariam is a third year Computer Science student at Dalhousie University with a minor in Social Justice and Inequality. Mariam is passionate about youth education and empowerment, and international public policy.

From being an avid debater, code instructor for children, and a teaching assistant for courses at Dalhousie, Mariam likes to fill her time with different ways to give back. She is passionate about international human rights, given her background as an immigrant to Canada from Egypt. Last December, she was given an opportunity to judge top debaters at the World University Debate Championships, where she was exposed to the perspectives of top debaters and intellectuals from around the globe. She has also represented Dalhousie at various conferences, including the ACM’s Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing, and the East Coast Student Leadership Conference. She has also given various presentations about her experiences to audiences around the world, from high school graduations to professional conferences.

In the future, Mariam intends to continue the launch of her NGO promoting technical education to young people from various social backgrounds, including African Canadian youth, immigrant children, indigenous youth, and young women. Mariam is also a passionate volunteer for Global Vision, acting as the Atlantic liaison for the organization, having co-organized two National Youth Ambassador Caucus’s, an Arctic Youth Ambassador Summit, and a roundtable in Halifax. Mariam has also led the JTC Trade Mission to China in July to August 2017 and assisted in organizing JTC China 2018. She hopes to complete a Masters in Public Policy, followed by a JD with a focus in international law.

Delegate 5

Delegate 5 is a good fellow

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Michael Batas

Michael Batas is a first-year student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. As an avid pilot and environmental activist, he is happiest three-thousand feet above the earth, or hiking into a forest. A proud member of his local and global community, he founded the Michael Batas Environmental Stewardship Scholarship at age 9 with a goal of raising awareness among youth around environmental activism. Furthering his community service focus, he has achieved the Bronze, Silver and Gold qualifications of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

Internationally, Michael has represented Canada on the 2015 Vimy Pilgrimage Award and the 2017 International Air Cadet Exchange. In December 2017, Michael graduated from the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program having attained the highest rank after six and a half years of service.

This past summer, Michael was a delegate on the 2018 Global Vision Junior Team Canada Trade Mission to China. On the mission, he represented Canada's energy and transportation sectors while working with and discussing bilateral partnerships and foreign investment with top government and industry leaders.

Michael is thrilled be a Junior Team Canada Ambassador for the Voices of the Future program at the 2018 APEC CEO Leader's Summit in Papua New Guinea.

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