JTC Mission to Southeast Asia 2019: Malaysia and Singapore

Currently, fifteen Junior Team Canada Ambassadors representing each region of the country, are hitting the ground in Singapore and Malaysia from July 25 to August 11, 2019, to promote Canadian industry and culture in one of the world's largest economic regions. As a Pacific nation, Canada has strong relations with our ASEAN trade partners Singapore and Malaysia.  

  Dialogues by previous Junior Team Canada Ambassadors with their Malaysian and Singaporean counterparts over the since 1997 will be used as foundation to continue build upon strong, existing relationships. Ambassadors are chosen based on their ability to lead, work in a team, communication skills, and most importantly their commitment to their communities and country. 

 Each Junior Team Canada (JTC) Ambassador spent the time ahead of the mission partnering with businesses, governments, educational institutions and organizations in their communities to raise $6,000.00 in sponsorship and agree upon mandates to fulfill when abroad. Now on the mission, the Ambassadors are fulfilling such mandates and learning more about these foreign economies.

 Working with the Embassy of Canada, and key stakeholders, Global Vision coordinates opportunities for JTC to engage local industry, government, education and youth leaders in order to obtain market intelligence and key contacts for our Canadian partners. 

 During the Mission, JTC is focusing on commercial opportunities for Canadian enterprises in economic sectors with particular growth potential in the Southeast Asian marketplace such as agriculture, bio-tech, clean-tech, education, engineering, information communications technology, manufacturing, mining, natural resources, and tourism. 

 Upon our return, JTC will deliver the market sector and tailored reports for our partners which will include a summary of the Mission, market intelligence gathered, opportunities identified and key contacts made.