Programs and Projects

Programs and Projects

What is Global Vision?

Global Vision is a Canadian based charitable organization dedicated to producing youth leaders, who experience learning by doing through engaging their communities. Since its inauguration, by founder and former MP, Terry Clifford C.M. it has created: the Regional Economic Round Table Program, the National Youth Ambassador Caucus (NYAC), the Junior Team Canada (JTC) International Trade Mission Program and it participates and organizes international youth meetings; APEC, G8, G20, Summit of the Americas, Inter American Development Bank. The Global Vision brand is present globally with JTC graduates working on every continent and with in - country partnerships to develop their next leaders. The Producer of Global Leaders since 1991.

Why do I want to get involved?

To connect with other like minded young people, make friends, and learn how you can work together to make change in your community. You will have the opportunity to visit other parts of Canada and the world to share your story with dynamic young leaders, business people, and government figures. In this process you will be introduced to learning by doing with the 5 STEPS TO LEAD curriculum. You will build life changing relations, and skills which help you in both your career and personal life.

How do I get Involved?

Simply put, by taking action. It all starts at the The National Youth Caucus in Ottawa - June 7-10. At the caucus you will meet other youth leaders from across the country and work together to open up dialogue on issues of national interest. You'll also meet with leaders in business, government, and development while challenging yourself and enhancing your skill set. By participating in the caucus you will be eligible to get involved in other Global Vision programs such as an international mission or special assignment. Registration is still open!

I attended an Economic Round Table! Now What?

The next step is to submit an application. If your application is short listed in our national top 100, then you will be invited to participate in the National Youth Ambassador Caucus. The NYAC is an opportunity for you to meet and interact with young Canadian's from Global Visions 5 operating regions (North, Atlantic, Ontario, Quebec, and Western) and work with them to take a leadership role in presenting the concerns of young people to policy makers and Members of Parliament.

How Do I get Selected for the International Trade Mission?

To apply you must  complete the 5 STEPS TO LEAD program which was first introduced to you at the Roundtable.  Once you have applied, and then been selected for the National Youth Ambassador Caucus, a number of delegates (It is not a fixed number) will be interviewed for Junior Team Canada. After which a selection will be made, and those selected will have the chance to earn their community's blessing to represent it on the trade mission. If the last part scares you, it shouldn't as in our experience anyone who puts the work in will be successful in securing a mandate from the business and community organizations in their hometown.

What do you mean by Mandate?

A mandate is an official order or commission to do something (Webster’s dictionary). We mean you will need to do two things: 1.) Secure a specific mission or work to complete (deliverable) on behalf of community, government or business organizations who are interested in the region or country to be visited. 2.) In turn for accepting this challenge to offer a service for value (deliverable) you accept a donation, a financial contribution to the Global Vision mission. You will be responsible to report back presenting deliverables to the donor(s) when you return. In our experience the candidates who put in the effort will secure several mandates from their community and these provide motivation and real hands on experience for the JTC ambassador.
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